Mechanical Auto Repairs
Mechanical Auto Repairs in Queens, New York City
In the reality of most auto accidents, there is much more damage than that which we see on the exterior of the vehicle. To properly repair an accident damaged vehicle, we must focus on more than just windshields and bumpers.
For instance, after an accident, your car’s wheels may likely need a collision re-alignment. A collision re-alignment is greatly different than a regular maintenance wheel alignment. We have certified wheel alignment specialists on staff to ensure that your car performs as it should when we hand you the keys.
At Jamaica Auto Body & Towing, tire mounting and balancing, A/C services, suspension repair, glass removal and installation are all completed in- house. Once again, 99% repair process is completed in-house to ensure the highest quality result by eliminating delays created by using sub-let vendors.
If your vehicle has been damaged in an accident, call today to schedule an estimate at (718) 529-1000.